Welcome to The Circle

Our home is located near Venice Beach, offering a peaceful retreat without being in the middle of the „craziness,“ and conveniently close to LAX. Our Hobbit House is small but super cozy, providing all you need for a good night’s sleep. People say you could forget that you are in LA. Contact us directly for more details and availability since the dates on other platforms are not always correct…

Available Accommodation

We have a very unique room available—we call it our HOBBIT HOUSE. It’s small but VERY special! You can open the door to experience our garden fully. It comes with a built-in desk and storage for your suitcases. If you like to live in a peaceful and harmonious environment, don’t mind having an outside bathroom and closet, if you appreciate simplicity and conscious people, this is the place for you! Our home, “THE CIRCLE” is known as a local LA artist community and one of the most relaxing hangout spots on the west side.